Born in Spain in 1989, Sesderma is a pioneering brand in the field of dermo-cosmetic innovation. In 2010, Sesderma revolutionized the field of skincare by introducing nanotechnology into its formulas. Through the use of nanometric liposomes, Sesderma is able to deliver skincare actives to the deeper layers of skin; the result, of course, is optimal tolerance and maximum effectiveness.

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Sesderma Anti-Aging


Find all Sesderma anti-aging ranges specially designed for fighting the signs of the passage of time.

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Sesderma Pigmentation


Thanks to nanotechnology, these Sesderma anti-pigmentation products are able to act directly on the origin of dark spots.

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Sesderma Acne


Acne is a skin condition that can be kept at bay by choosing the right Sesderma cleansing and care products for your daily routine.

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Sesderma Skincare


Explore Sesderma skincare options to manage common skin concerns like rosacea, seborrheic dermatits, psoriasis, and more!

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Sesderma Cleansing


Choose the ideal Sesderma cleansing product for you depending on the needs of your skin type to enhance your skincare routine!

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Sesderma Body Care

Body Care

Here are the best Sesderma solutions for the specific body concerns such as tired legs, stretch marks, loss of firmness and more.

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Sesderma Hair Care

Hair Care

Make your hair stronger, combat hair loss, and control dandruff and grease with these specialized Sesderma hair care products.

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Sesderma Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Sesderma sun care can help you prevent sunburn and photoaging, all the while repairing your skin during and after sun exposure.

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Sesderma Men Nº9

Men Nº9

Discover the wide range of Sesderma Men skincare products, created specifically to address the needs of men's skin.

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Sesderma Babyses


Sesderma Babyses is a skincare range especially formulated to take care, moisturize and protect the baby's delicate skin.

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