essence The Ridge Filler Base Coat 8ml
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essence The Ridge Filler Base Coat 8ml

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essence The Ridge Filler Base Coat 8ml smooths the nails' surface for an easy and even application of nail polish.


essence The Ridge Filler Base Coat 8ml works as a base coat that cares for the nails. Thanks to its innovative texture and formula, this nail polish fills the ridges on the nails. In other words, this polish will even out any ridge and consequently help you achieve a smooth nail surface. In this way, the nail is perfectly prepared for the proceeding steps of your manicure. Above all, this makes the application of an even coat of color easier than ever and consequently, guarantees a flawless result. At the same time, this product has an apricot tinted but provides a translucent finish. 

That said, this nail polish is ideal to serve as a base coat for your entire manicure. Yet, you can use it as a base coat or wear it alone for a natural look. All in all, this product is, without a doubt, a must-have in your manicure kit. Even more essential if you tend to have irregularities on your nails. Not only, will this product help take care of your nails but also achieve a professional manicure.

  • Color: apricot;
  • Opacity: sheer; 
  • Finish: luminous;
  • Benefits: smooths and evens the nail surface, makes it easier to apply colored nail polish, strengthens and protects the nails;
  • Formulated without: ingredients of animal origin, parabens, fragrance, acetone, alcohol, preservatives.
How to use

Apply one coat of essence The Ridge Filler Base Coat 8ml to clean nails. Either wear it alone or follow with a nail polish of your choice.

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