essence The Nail Polish Corrector Pen 4.5ml
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essence The Nail Polish Corrector Pen 4.5ml


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essence The Nail Polish Corrector Pen 4.5ml is an essential tool in the manicure process as it erases your small mistakes when painting your nails. This way you can paint your nails worry-free about possible mistakes.


essence The Nail Polish Corrector Pen 4.5ml is indispensable in any manicure routine. This pen resorts to an acetone-free formula to correct small mistakes when painting your nails. With this in mind, the slanted tip of this pen allows for a precise application so it removes even the smallest paint error. Whether a lighter nail polish or a darker one, this product removes any nail polish, no matter the color. Given that, this pen is a really practical, easy, and quick tool that will change your manicure routine. In this way, the manicure process becomes much easier and elevated to another level. By using this pen, you get a flawless result every time!

In addition, this pen includes three replacement tips so it lasts longer. Being lightweight and small is very convenient to carry with you and touch up your nails on the go. As a last note, it has a delightful melon scent for a pleasant application experience. All in all, this product is a must-have for anyone who loves to paint their nails. It provides a professional finish with no effort and in no time! 

  • Good for: precisely correcting small mistakes when applying nail polish;
  • Presentation: one pen with a felt slanted tip and three tip replacements;
  • Formulated without: acetone, oil, ingredients of animal origin, parabens.
How to use

Use essence The Nail Polish Corrector Pen 4.5ml around the nails, on the areas you wish to remove nail polish after letting it dry. After each use, clean the tip with a tissue to increase this product's longevity.

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