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Michelle Marshall
Michelle Marshall Jun 23, 2022
Ordered the UVMune 400 sunscreens. They shipped from Portugal and arrived where I live (California) in just a few days and they are in good condition.
Katie Suda
Katie Suda Jun 22, 2022
Love amazing service in care to beauty site! My high recommendation!
Ваня Антонова
Ваня Антонова Jun 22, 2022
Fast shipping. Great customer service.
Moran Mauro Bersuc
Moran Mauro Bersuc Jun 21, 2022
Everything arrive fine as my order. Thanks.
Viktoriia Ghiumiusliu
Viktoriia Ghiumiusliu Jun 20, 2022
Hi all! My name is Victoria. I'm from Ukraine . I came to America a year ago and it was not enough for me just to find here all the beauty products that I ordered in Europe, and I am very lucky...
Shaza Helal
Shaza Helal Jun 19, 2022
Excellent in everything
Tetyana Jun 17, 2022
I am ordering items from this company since two years and for the time being I don’t have any complaints: everything in terms and corresponding to my expectations.
Elane Oliver
Elane Oliver Jun 16, 2022
The best in the world ????????????????
Maimoona Alsiaby
Maimoona Alsiaby Jun 16, 2022
One of the best shopping site. Easy to order and fast delivery. I got my package within 3 days.
Casey Ashbrook
Casey Ashbrook Jun 16, 2022
Super fast and brilliant customer service! Would highly recommend
Natalie Natalie
Natalie Natalie Jun 15, 2022
Safely packed,super fast delivered high quality products. Great service overall. Thank you!
Martin Z
Martin Z Jun 15, 2022
good price, swift delivery, satisfied