Caudalie is a French skincare brand based in the vineyards of Bordeaux. Founded by Mathilde Thomas, Caudalie is famous for its grape-based products, which harness the properties of active ingredients naturally present in the vine. Because Caudalie loves nature above all things, it is committed to preserving it: it is for this reason that the brand dedicates 1% of its worldwide turnover to environmental projects, hoping to do its part in nurturing and preserving the natural beauty of our world.

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Caudalie Skin Care

Skin Care

Created with natural ingredients from vineyards, Caudalie skin care helps you achieve a balanced and luminous complexion.

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Caudalie Body Care

Body Care

With sumptuous formulas, Caudalie body care products nourish and smooth the skin with delicious textures and fragrances.

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Caudalie Sunscreen

Sun Protection

Caudalie offers a luxurious range of sunscreen products that protect sensitive skin with luscious textures and summery fragrances.

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Caudalie Makeup


Caudalie makeup evens out the skin tone, leaving the skin hydrated and luminous while enhancing its natural beauty.

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