SVR Laboratoire Dermatologique is a French brand created in 1962 by a couple of visionary pharmacists, Simone and Robert Véret. They both believed that it was possible to formulate skincare products with extremely high concentrations of active ingredients without affecting skin tolerance. As a result, they launched a world-recognized skincare brand with unrivaled effectiveness and tolerance.

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SVR Anti-Aging


SVR presents effective anti-aging solutions to minimize the appearance of signs of aging, unveiling the radiance of mature skin.

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SVR Skin Care

Skin Care

Discover the SVR skincare ranges at your disposal, so you can tackle concerns and visibly improve your skin.

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SVR Cleansers


SVR has turned cleansing into a pleasure with a range of gentle cleansers, face washes, and makeup removers for sensitive skin.

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SVR Body Care

Body Care

Because your body deserves just as much attention as your face, SVR body care offers multiple ranges that cater to your every need.

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SVR Sun Secure

Sun Secure

SVR Sun Secure is a range of sun protection specially formulated with powerful actives that protect the skin from UV radiation.

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SVR Topialyse Cleansing Gel SVR Topialyse Cleansing Gel
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