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Schwarzkopf Igora Zero AMM
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Schwarzkopf Igora Zero AMM

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Schwarzkopf Igora Zero AMM is an ammonia-free and vegan hair dye that ensures optimal and lasting results.


Schwarzkopf Igora Zero AMM is a permanent hair coloration that offers individuals a way to achieve a change in hair color without the presence of ammonia, eliminating the common odor associated with hair coloring for a more comfortable experience. This hair dye ensures optimal coverage, boasting the ability to cover up to 100% white hair, offering a uniform and consistent color from root to tip. At the same time, this product enhances the highlight color performance. Additionally, for those seeking a more dramatic change, the 10 series specifically, can lighten hair up to three levels.

The technology behind this coloration system is what sets it apart. The formula features Phytolipid Technology which includes a carefully selected blend of natural micronised oils and optimised pigment mixes. This combination works synergistically to ensure an even pigment distribution and penetration throughout the hair shaft. The natural micronized oils serve a dual purpose as they also seal the cuticle. This not only optimizes care performance but also aids in retaining the intensity and vibrancy of the color for a more lasting result. Equally important, this hair dye delivers natural-looking colors that stay true to tone! Furthermore, the product promises improved color direction, coverage, and neutralization, possibly making it a strong ally for hair professionals in tackling various coloring challenges. As a last note, this hair dye is vegan, and free from silicones and added fragrances.

  • Permanent hair dye;
  • Up to 100% white hair coverage;
  • Ammonia-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free, and vegan;
  • Natural-looking true-to-tone results;
  • Improved color direction, coverage, and neutralization;
  • Up to 3 levels of lift (10-series) and improved high lift color performance.
How to use

This product was developed for professional use only and should not, therefore, be used at home. Mix Schwarzkopf Igora Zero AMM 1:1 (1:2 for 10-series) with Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Oil Developer. Apply to dry, unwashed hair adjusting the technique to the desired results, and access developing time accordingly (30-45 minutes). After developing, gently emulsify the product to remove the color from the scalp. Then rinse thoroughly until the water runs out clear and finish by shampooing with the Schwarzkopf BC pH 4.5 Color Freeze Shampoo or Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Vibrancy. Lastly, stabilize the hair with Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Sealer. For home maintenance, use Bonacure Color Freeze or Fibre Clinix Vibrancy ranges.