Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings x20
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Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings x20


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Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings x20 relieves the pressure and pain caused by calluses on the feet and also prevents them from getting bigger and deeper.


Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings x20 consists of a specific plaster to relieve the uncomfortable sensation of calluses on the feet. That said, it's perfectly common for our feet to get calluses throughout our lives. This is because with the friction and pressure of walking, the skin tends to create a thicker protective barrier, which, in essence, are calluses. However, over time its hard core reaches the deeper skin making it sensitive, causing pain and a lot of discomfort. This way, these soft, self-adhesive protective pads immediately relieve the pressure of calluses, promoting a much more comfortable walk. In addition, these adhesive pads are also perfect as a preventive measure at the first signs of calluses appearing. In this case, this product prevents the calluses from becoming more hard and protruding, thus promoting the skin of the feet to be completely comfortable and uniform.

  • Good for: instantly relieve pain and discomfort when walking due to calluses on the feet, helps prevent them from developing and causing even more discomfort;
  • Presentation: 20 soft self-adhesive 2.2cm pads.
How to use

Apply Hansaplast Pressure Protection Rings x20 to clean, dry skin, ensuring that the affected area is in the center. Press firmly for good adhesion. That way, when wearing shoes they won't come into contact with this sensitive area.