Hansaplast Callus Intensive Cream 75ml
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Hansaplast Callus Intensive Cream 75ml


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Hansaplast Callus Intensive Cream 75ml strongly regenerates the skin of the feet helping to reduce calluses, rehydrate very dry skin and maintain normal skin hydration levels.


Hansaplast Callus Intensive Cream 75ml has an intensive formula that effectively reduces calluses on feet by rehydrating extremely dry skin. Specifically, this product has a thick texture that adheres perfectly to the skin of the feet. In turn, clinical and dermatological studies by Hansaplast guarantee the first results only after 4 days. In this case, this cream drastically reduces calluses as well as extreme dryness, scaling and roughness on the skin while also proving to be perfectly tolerable even for diabetics.

One of the main ingredients of this cream is Urea. Present at 20%, this ingredient gives moisture to the skin cells and keeps the skin smooth and supple. In this case, it rehydrates the skin of the feet, strengthens its protective barrier and thus prevents the appearance of calluses. Moreover, it also has keratolytic properties that end up softening the calloused skin layer so it can be easily released. Furthermore, another key factor in this cream is the presence of Aquaporin Technology. This stands for effective skin hydration even in deeper epidermal skin layers. Being based on Gluco-Glycerol, this technology stimulates the skin cells' formation of moisture channels (aquaporins) in-vitro. In the end, the skin of the feet regains its normal hydration levels, being completely regenerated, smoothed and without calluses.

  • Texture: cream;
  • Skin issues: calluses, extremely dry skin, scaling and roughness;
  • Time of application: morning and evening;
  • Age: 16+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: rehydrates the skin of the feet, smoothing it and reducing calluses, scaling and roughness, gentle formula suitable for diabetics.
Main Ingredients
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  • 20% Urea, which is produced naturally by the skin, is essential for the regulation of the skin's levels of moisture. In this sense, it rehydrates it deeply, ending with very dry skin, calluses, scaling and roughness;
  • Gluco-Glycerol, also known as Glyceryl Glucoside, stimulates the skin’s own water system, help it retain moisture and improve its barrier function.
How to use

Apply Hansaplast Callus Intensive Cream 75ml two times daily in a circular motion to the affected areas, heels and soles until fully absorbed.