Inspiring, contagious and multi-faceted, Catrice offers an endless makeup catalog with the latest trends! Catrice finds inspiration in the catwalks of fashion capitals, releasing exclusive ranges that re-interpret trends. Catrice presents an extensive collection with all the must-haves for fashion-victims as well as classic styles and develops numerous limited collections per year. There's always something new to discover!

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Catrice Face


Catrice face is a range of makeup products that helps to even out and perfect your complexion for beautiful makeup looks.

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Catrice Eyes


Enhance your eyes with color, intensity and drama using the endless selection of Catrice eyes makeup.

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Catrice Lips


Catrice lips features products to embelish and provide comfort to the lips, with multiple textures, colors and finishes.

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Catrice Nails


Catrice nails feature nail polishes with different finishes, textures and colors, from glittery to nude gel-like lacquers.

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Catrice Skin Care

Skin Care

With Catrice skincare you'll find the best skin-boosting products, ready to prep your skin for the day as well as for makeup application.

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Catrice Make-up Accessories

Make-up Accessories

This selection of products features all the Catrice make-up accessories, essential to complete your makeup collection.

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