Bioclin Bio-Force Anti-Loss Adjuvants Ampoules 15x5ml
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Bioclin Bio-Force Anti-Loss Adjuvants Ampoules 15x5ml

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Bioclin Bio-Force Anti-Loss Adjuvants Ampoules 15x5ml offer an intensive treatment that tackles hair loss and hair thinning by strengthening and revitalizing the hair and scalp.


Bioclin Bio-Force Anti-Loss Adjuvants Ampoules 15x5ml provides 15 ampoules dedicated to preventing hair loss. Thus, they are perfectly suitable for damaged and thinning hair. Due to an exclusive complex of Stimoxidil, vitamin B, proteins and Guarana Seed water from the Brazilian Slow Food Presidium they provide an intense anti-loss and anti-thinning treatment. The formula has a percentage of 96,5% of natural active ingredients that strengthen the hair and revitalize it. Moreover, its gentle formula is adequate for sensitive scalps.

This intensive treatment should be done twice a year, over 60-day periods, every other day. After 28 days, you will notice 11% less hair loss while after 56 days it will be 19%. In general, the hair structure is improved and the brightness enhanced.

  • Texture: serum;
  • Hair issues: hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair;
  • Time of application: every other day for 60 days;
  • Age: 18+;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: prevents and reduces hair loss and hair thinning, strengthens the hair, is suitable for sensitive scalps;
  • Formulated without: SLES, SLS, parabens or colorants.
Main Ingredients
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  • Guarana Water Slow Food Presidium is rich in caffeine and tannins which are active ingredients that strengthen the hair, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss;
  • Panthenol, also known as Pro-Vitamin B5, prevents water loss and boosts hydration preventing dry hair and scalp. At the same time, it improves brightness levels without adding oiliness;
  • Biotin prevents hair loss while stimulating hair growth. Additionally, it attenuates scalp inflammation;
  • Sage Extract restores brightness to the hair while strengthening it. By strengthening the hair fibers and boosting the blood flow in the scalp, it stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. On top of that, it attenuates itchiness and dandruff.
How to use

Shake well before using Bioclin Bio-Force Anti-Loss Adjuvants Ampoules 15x5ml. Apply on dry or wet hair, every other day for 60 days. Firstly, break the ampoule at the indicated line. Secondly, apply the distributor onto it. Thirdly, spread the product evenly all over the scalp, paying special attention to areas propitious to hair loss. Finally, do not rinse.