Suavinex Educational Teething Ring Step 3 +6m x1
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Suavinex Educational Teething Ring Step 3 +6m x1


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When you buy Suavinex Educational Teething Ring Step 3 +6m x1 you will get one (1) unit that will be randomly chosen from the colors and/or patterns available. Currently, we're unable to let you choose your favorite option.


Suavinex Educational Teething Ring Step 3 +6m x1 provides a great help when it comes to teething babies from six months of age. In this sense, this teether is specifically designed for the last stage of this very important phase for babies. In other words, it is perfect for when the last molar teeth appear, both lower and upper. That said, this teether has small bumps made of BPA-free rubber, perfect for encouraging tooth eruption. In turn, its soft shape also helps to alleviate the discomfort and inflammation felt by little ones. Furthermore, this teether has a lightweight and ergonomic shape perfect for babies to hold while they bite. Finally, this teether has an interior in distilled water. In this way, before giving the baby the teether, you can put it in the fridge so that it stays refrigerated and increases the baby's comfort. As an extra benefit, this baby essential also helps to soundly stimulate the little ones as it has a bell at one end. This way, not only is the baby immediately more comfortable, but also more entertained.

  • Ideal for: stimulate the teething of the last molars of children's mouths; alleviate discomfort such as pain or inflammation of the gums;
  • Special features: has bumps that help stimulate the gums; has an interior with distilled water perfect to be cooled; has a fun rattle;
  • Materials: BPA-free rubber of randomly selected color; distilled water;
  • Age: 6 monts+;
  • Includes: teether.
How to use

To use Suavinex Educational Teething Ring Step 3 +6m x1 just give it to the newborn. For greater comfort and relief, just refrigerate the teether in the refrigerator before giving it to the baby. Do not put it in the freezer.