Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit
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Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit

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Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment Kit offers a complete system to help repair damaged hair for a special price.


This gift set contains the following products:

  • OLAPLEX Intense Bond Building Hair Treatment Nº0 155ml
  • OLAPLEX Hair Perfector Nº3 100ml
  • OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Shampoo Nº4 100ml
  • OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner Nº5 100ml

OLAPLEX Intense Bond Building Hair Treatment Nº0 is an intensive professional-inspired composition that was specially developed to help recover damaged hair. This product belongs to a two-part at-home system that counteracts chemical, thermic, mechanical and environmental damage. Like so, this advanced formula works as a primer, prepping the hair to absorb as many nutrients as possible. As it happens, using the Bond Building Hair Treatment Nº0 as a complementary booster to the OLAPLEX Hair Perfector Nº3 , will allow you to achieve optimal results. According to the brand, combining the action of these two products guarantees 68% more repair and three times stronger hair.

OLAPLEX Hair Perfector Nº3 is a best-selling at-home treatment that efficiently counteracts damage, leaving your hair stronger and healthier with each application. With professional inspiration, this advanced formula uses the power of the patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology to visibly nourish and repair your strands. In fact, by using a single molecule (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate), the exclusive OLAPLEX system restores disulfide bonds, which are responsible for maintaining hair structure, strength and also stability. There are millions of these bonds in our hair and, once they break, damage such as split ends, dryness, frizz or dullness appears. Therefore, through a weekly application, the OLAPLEX Hair Perfector Nº3 not only fights countless types of damage but also fortifies your hair. The result? Shiny, manageable and resilient strands, even in between salon treatments.

OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Shampoo Nº4 is a daily cleansing solution that promises to deliver professional-like results either at the salon or at home. Specially developed to repair and nourish damaged hair, this advanced composition targets breakage, split-ends, frizz and dullness, at the same time. The Bond Maintenance Shampoo Nº4 is, even more, a color-safe shampoo that restores hydration and improves manageability with each utilization.

OLAPLEX Bond Maintenance Conditioner Nº5 is a highly-moisturizing formula that promises to protect and repair damaged hair. As a matter of fact, this reparative conditioner proves to be effective when it comes to fighting split ends, frizz, dullness and dryness. Even more, this is a color-safe formula that will not add any weight to your hair while infusing it with restorative benefits. The result? Light and overall healthier hair that displays more shine and manageability.