ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion for Atopic Skin 400ml
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ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion for Atopic Skin 400ml


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ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion for Atopic Skin 400ml is a hydrating and soothing care indicated for atopic skin that reinforces the skin's defenses.


ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion for Atopic Skin 400ml is a daily hydrating lotion specially indicated for atopic-prone skin. In this way, this lotion not only hydrates the skin but also relieves both redness and itching associated with atopy. The star ingredient is L-Isoleucine which reinforces the skin's defenses and normalizes the skin's microbiome. However, other ingredients in the formula also play an important role. For example, Rhamnosoft acts by preventing bacterial adhesion while Niacinamide reduces itching and skin reactivity. In addition, Ceramides improve the barrier function of the skin. This not only leads to better skin hydration and a healthier skin barrier but also reduces discomfort by soothing the skin.

As a last note, this lotion has a pleasant texture that quickly and easily absorbs into the skin, perfect to apply in extensive areas. In conclusion, it deeply cares for atopic skin while reducing atopy signs. Moreover, it is suitable for the entire family, providing hydration for up to 72 hours.

  • Texture: lotion;
  • Skin issues: atopy, dryness, itching;
  • Time of application: as necessary;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Skin type: very dry and atopic skin;
  • Main benefits: reinforces the skin barrier, deeply hydrates the skin for up to 72 hours, reduces both itching and redness, prevents bacterial adhesion, prevents atopy crises, and spaces them for longer, oil-free, pediatrically tested in atopic skin;
  • Formulated without: fragrance, preservatives, dyes.
Main Ingredients
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  • L-Isoleucine (Pro-AMP) promotes the synthesis of antimicrobial peptides. As a result, the skin's first defense is enhanced and the skin is less susceptible to external aggressions. Besides, it helps balance the skin's microbiome;
  • Rhamnsoft prevents bacterial adhesion and has anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Niacinamide and Polidocanol reduce itching. In addition, they contain anti-inflammatory properties thus reducing skin reactivity;
  • Ceramides restore the skin barrier function. Thus help to protect the skin from external aggressions.
How to use

Apply ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion for Atopic Skin 400ml to clean and dry skin, at least twice a day, massaging gently until full absorption.