Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel
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Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel

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Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel is a quick-drying and long-wear nail polish with a glossy finish.


Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel is a glossy luxurious nail polish with a wide list of beneficial advantages. On one hand, this product has an extra-long shelf life thanks to a specific resin in its composition. In fact, the Quick Dry Nail Enamel not only has a long-wear performance, as it equally has resistance against external factors. This formula is extremely resilient and, therefore, prevents any kind of chipping or wear out. At the same time, if you are searching for an easy solution that allows you to get a quick manicure on the go, this is the nail polish for you. This Flormar option is specifically a quick-dry product, perfect to apply before running out the door. It dries in just one minute, letting you get back to your daily life faster and without risking any smudging. Moreover, enriched with pearls, this nail polish also adds a glossy finish with an extra shine to your nails. With a Patented Gel IV Technology, this Quick Dry Enamel offers an easy and neat application too. From neutral to statement colors, this gamma provides an adaptable color range adjustable to any look or taste. Get a stronger color and shinier result through a double application and let your luxurious manicure shine whatever the occasion. If you are looking for a multi benefit nail polish, that is simultaneously easy-to-use, resistant and has beautiful trendy color options, the Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel is the perfect option for you. Get a beautiful manicure for even longer.

  • Opacity: medium to opaque;
  • Finish: luminous;
  • Longevity: long-wear;
  • Benefits: long wear nail polish that also dries really quickly.
How to use

Shake Flormar Quick Dry Nail Enamel before use and apply on a clean nail. Get a more intense color and shinier finish with a double coat.