Chicco Super Soft Avocado Teether 2m+
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Chicco Super Soft Avocado Teether 2m+


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Chicco Super Soft Avocado Teether 2m+ is a lightweight and flexible soother that helps to ease your baby's teething discomfort.


Chicco Super Soft Avocado Teether 2m+ is the adorable and practical solution you've been searching for to ease your baby's teething discomfort. Crafted for the sensitive teething phase, this teether is made of 100% super soft silicone that is gentle and safe for your baby's tender gums. One of the standout features is the large opening in the center, a design choice that makes it incredibly easy for little hands to grasp. The teether is also lightweight and small, so your baby won't have trouble holding it. The flexibility of the material also allows for an easy experience, adding another layer of comfort. When it comes to texture, this teether offers a multi-sensory experience. It features different textures, designed to give varying sensations that can massage sore gums and help alleviate the irritation of emerging teeth. Your baby will be fascinated to explore both sides.

But what will likely catch your eye first is the fun avocado design. The whimsical appearance adds an element of playfulness, captivating your baby's attention. In summary, this teether is an item that skillfully blends form and function, becoming both a cute toy and a practical teething aid. From its super-soft silicone material to its textured design and ergonomic shape, it considers every aspect of the teething phase. Throw in the eye-catching avocado design, and you have a product that's not just efficient but also irresistibly cute.

  • Ideal for: massaging the baby's gums during teething;
  • Special features: helps to soothe the baby's gums during the teething phase, is very flexible and soft, small and lightweight, has different textures for different sensations, has a fun design;
  • Materials: 0% BPA, silicone, sterilizable;
  • Age: 2 months+;
  • Includes: one teether.
How to use

Before using Chicco Super Soft Avocado Teether 2m+, make sure it is clean. Then, give it to the baby whenever gum massaging and soothing is necessary.