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Care to Beauty is an online store which sells all types of cosmetic, wellness and beauty products of various European brands.  Care to Beauty was launched in 2015 and our team was composed of only 4 people in those days. Gradually we began to expand our product range to include more skin care, hair care, makeup products, perfumes and more. We are based in Portugal (Europe) and all our shipments are made from here. Currently, Care to Beauty offers over 9,000 products from the very best international brands. And we have not said our last word yet!

Care to Beauty Team

Our mission is to provide you

the best products for your needs, wherever you are.

We believe our world is meant to be global and unified,

and that you deserve to have what suits your needs.

Care to Beauty is all about simplifying your way to beauty and skincare. Wherever you are in the world, we believe you deserve the very best products.

Based in Europe, we curate our portfolio by including both our favorite brands and the ones you are also craving. We want to ensure that you will find everything your skin needs in just one place. Therefore, we spend hours and hours searching for the next big ingredient, or the most wanted toner, or even the sunscreen everyone is raving about. We keep expanding our collection by adding the best of the best, from the big brands that everyone loves to the natural and vegan ones and even some niche indie brands that we find have a great selection of products.

How We Do It

From our hands to yours, we work with couriers worldwide to guarantee your product reaches you in the shortest amount of time possible in a safe way. If you have any doubts, you can always reach out to our customer support team or our product specialists,  we'll be glad to make this experience the most positive one.

Our Ethos

Firstly, we rely on science as we do on a firm belief that our role isn't to chase every beauty trend, but to improve your life. Our combined years of experience in health and retail allow us to provide the best solutions for your specific case. You can always trust us to recommend the best solution for you.

Secondly, we only work with brands that have proven their efficacy and that we know produce genuine and effective products.


All our products come from Europe, are 100% original and purchased directly from the manufacturers themselves or authorized retailers. This is our guarantee. We are aware that any online store should be trustworthy and reliable. For this reason, we provide you with all the information and we guarantee dedicated and efficient customer service. Feel free to check reviews in our social media to find out how many customers have trusted us. 

Our team is composed by a dedicated team of Care to Beauty experts, pharmacists and specialists from related sectors. We receive regular courses and training provided by the brands, which ensures we are able to provide accurate updated information about each product, Additionally, we work with the best beauty and hair brands such as Mesoestetic, Institut Esthederm, Nuxe, Sesderma, Bioderma, ISDIN, Phyto, Lierac, Crescina, Viviscal, Heliocare and many more.  We are a registered parapharmacy under the local authority INFARMED with the registration number 00023/2020 and the store is located on Rua José Maria Carvalho Ramos, Lote 390B 4470-407 Maia, Portugal.

Care to Beauty

Care to Beauty Warehouse Tour

Customer Support

We are committed to having a very responsive customer support team, answering every single message with very close and dedicated customer relations. For us, you, the customer, are the main element of our business. We sincerely value and appreciate that you buy at our store.

Your ticket will receive a reply during our work hours, from Monday to Friday (Western European Time Zone UTC+00:00). If you contact us during weekends, holidays (including national holidays in Portugal), or peak seasons, please know that you will get an answer as fast as we can, given that tickets tend to accumulate a bit during those days. You can reach our customer support through chat, e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram - but please only contact us via one of these at each time, as duplicate queries might delay answering your questions and doubts.

Regarding languages, we are fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. However, if you contact us in another language, we will do our very best to attend to your needs.

Care to Beauty Team 2016

Care to Beauty Team 2016

From left to right: Jorge, Bruno, Sílvia, Monika, Joana, and Elsa.

Care to Beauty Team 2017

Care to Beauty Team 2017

From left to right: André, Filipe, Joana, Jorge, Ana, Ricardo, Diana, Bruno, Madalena, Monika, and Sílvia.

Care to Beauty Team 2018

Care to Beauty Team 2018

Ricardo and Silvia are missing in this picture ;)

Care to Beauty 2019 - 4 year anniversary

Care to Beauty Service: Trustable & Secure

Care to Beauty Team


Jorge Jorge Founder
Bruno Gouveia BrunoFounder


SaraSara Technical Director & Purchasing Manager
JoséJosé Buyer & Merchandising
Albérico Albérico Administrative Assistant
FranciscaFrancisca Buyer


Sílvia Sílvia Marketing Manager
Filipa Filipa Marketing
Bruno M.Bruno M. Digital Performance
RitaRita Digital Marketing Specialist
ThiagoThiago E-commerce Specialist


AnaAna Content Manager
RafaelaRafaela Blog Manager & Content Writer
Ana SofiaAna Sofia Product Specialist
Joana Joana Pharmacy Technician
Sofia Sofia Content Writer
AnistaldaAnistalda Content Writer & Photographer
Rui VilaçaRui Vilaça Product Specialist

Customer Care

Ana TeresaAna Teresa Customer Care Manager
MadalenaMadalena Customer Care Agent
DianaDiana Customer Care Agent
Vânia Vânia Customer Care Agent
Sofia A.Sofia A. Customer Care Agent
Bruno C.Bruno C. Customer Care Agent
ElsaElsa Customer Care Agent


RuiRui Logistics Manager
MárioMário Logistics
JoãoJoão Logistics
LuisLuís Logistics
SérgioSérgio Logistics


RicardoRicardo Senior Developer
AndréAndré Developer
RodrigoRodrigo Developer
Alexandre Alexandre Developer
João R. João R. Developer

Care to Green - Our environmental commitment

Today, more than ever, thinking about the environment and its sustainability it’s mandatory.

At Care to Beauty we believe in the saying: "Think globally. Act locally.” so we feel it is our responsibility, as an online store that makes daily shipments worldwide, to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Our office is where the activity of our company is centered and where we spend much of our day. For that reason, it is where our action must begin with the adoption of environment-friendly practices and with the implementation of simple measures in our everyday tasks.

From our office to the world: we do not want our action to be confined to the walls of our office. Every day we send products to the four corners of the world and we talk to people from other geographies so we also want to bring this commitment across borders.

It is then our commitment to:

  • Encourage the reduction of waste by promoting reuse or recycling with the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials - our boxes and envelopes are 100% recycled and the bubble wrap is made from 15% recycled material;
  • Implement greener practices in the workplace - waste separation and much of the used card is collected by a specialized company for reuse, being that we ourselves reuse a lot of the packaging materials we receive from our suppliers;
  • Provide, in our catalog, products that are formulated with a large percentage of ingredients of natural origin and brands that are concerned about the environment;
  • Contribute to the protection of endangered species - this year we adopted a Penguin - Alex - as a way to help fund habitat protection and conservation activities of endangered species carried out by the WWF - World Wildlife Foundation;
  • Talk about our environmental commitment with partners and clients seeking to inspire those around us;
  • Participate in activities that promote nature conservation;
  • Improve continuously in a spirit of "work in progress".

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