SunewMed+ Lip Balm Set
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SunewMed+ Lip Balm Set


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SunewMed+ Lip Balm Set is a set of four lip balms for him and her, packaged in an elegant gold box.


This gift set contains the following products:

  • 1x SunewMed+ Gold Kiss Lip Balm Vanilla Flavor 13g
  • 1x SunewMed+ Pink Kiss Lip Balm Watermelon Flavor 13g
  • 1x SunewMed+ Pear Kiss Lip Balm Pear Flavor 13g
  • 1x SunewMed+ His Lip Balm For Men 13g

SunewMed+ Gold Kiss Lip Balm Vanilla Flavor is a lip balm that keeps the lips soft and moisturized throughout the day, with a pleasant flavor that will help you deliver delicious kisses. At the heart of its formula is shea butter, an ingredient that helps nourish, protect, and soothe the skin. So, this key ingredient ensures your lips are not only hydrated but also left feeling incredibly soft and smooth. Complementing the shea butter, beeswax is another important component of this lip balm. It acts to create a protective barrier on the lips, effectively retaining water under the skin tissue. Thanks to this, this lip balm also helps to prevent moisture loss, ensuring your lips remain moisturized for longer periods. So, this lip balm helps achieve silky soft lips, soothing and regenerating any cracked skin. Moreover, the addition of a delightful vanilla flavor enhances the application experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your lip care routine.

SunewMed+ Pink Kiss Lip Balm Watermelon Flavor boasts the same benefits with a summery watermelon flavor, for a delicious scent and flavor.

SunewMed+ Pear Kiss Lip Balm Pear Flavor adds to the flavor collection with a juicy pear flavor, for a fruity application experience.

SunewMed+ His Lip Balm For Men is a lip balm that promotes the softness of men's lips, offering moisturization throughout the day with a refreshing hami melon flavor. Ideal for men on the go, this lip balm has sleek black packaging and a compact size that allows you to easily carry it around, ensuring your lips are always protected and ready for whatever the day may bring. It fits perfectly into any daily routine, offering a quick, effective way to maintain lip hydration and softness.