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Nuggela & Sulé Epigenetic Shampoo Greasy Hair 250ml
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Nuggela & Sulé Epigenetic Shampoo Greasy Hair 250ml

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Nuggela & Sulé Epigenetic Shampoo Greasy Hair 250ml helps reduce and control excess sebum on oily hair, while also enhancing the hair's strength and appearance.


Nuggela & Sulé Epigenetic Shampoo Greasy Hair 250ml offers a solution specifically designed to manage and control oily hair, while simultaneously enhancing the hair's strength and quality with every wash. This unique formula contains Seborreductyl, a potent ingredient that helps to manage sebum production and eliminate oily residue, making it an ideal choice for those with oily hair. The incorporation of red onion extract in the formula also contributes to the reduction of excess oil and care for the scalp. Marine glycogen, another key ingredient, works synergistically with red onion extract to bolster the hair's quality, providing energy and strengthening the hair.

This shampoo ensures a thorough cleanse and soothing of the scalp, maintaining a balanced scalp environment, essential for healthy hair growth. Moreover, it includes components that help prevent hair loss, as well as make the hair softer and shinier, making it a comprehensive hair care product for those struggling with oily hair and scalp issues. Overall, this shampoo is a multifaceted solution for greasy hair. With its blend of specialized ingredients, it offers a balanced approach to managing excess oil while ensuring the hair remains strong, shiny, and healthy.

  • Fragrance: hay and lemon;
  • Texture: liquid;
  • Hair issues: excess oil, irritated scalp,
  • Time of application: during the shower, whenever necessary;
  • Age: 3+;
  • Hair type: oily hair;
  • Main benefits: helps to decrease excess sebum and regulate sebum production, adds extra shine and softness, also helps strengthen and prevent hair loss, suitable for daily use.
Main Ingredients
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  • Seborreductyl is a botanical complex that helps regulate sebum production. It also helps hydrate and calm the scalp;
  • Red Onion Extract is rich in quercetin and sulfur. It helps to regulate the hair's oil production, decrease dandruff, support hair growth, and soothe inflamed scalp;
  • Marine Glycogen is extracted from mollusk membranes. It serves as a source of energy for the hair follicle.
How to use

Pour an appropriate amount of Nuggela & Sulé Epigenetic Shampoo Greasy Hair 250ml into the palms. Then, rub the hands until emulsified, in order to activate the shampoo's ingredients. Evenly distribute it onto wet scalp and hair and massage for 2 minutes. Finally, thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. For enhanced results, repeat the process. Use the shampoo exclusively for three weeks to one month for better results. It is suitable for daily use.