Chicco Natural Feeling First Gift Set 0m+
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Chicco Natural Feeling First Gift Set 0m+

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Chicco Natural Feeling First Gift Set 0m+ contains two Natural Feeling bottles and a Physio Comfort pacifier for a special price!


This gift set contains the following products:

  • 1x Chicco Natural Feeling Slow Flow Bottle 0m+ 150ml
  • 1x Chicco Natural Feeling Medium Flow Bottle 2m+ 250ml
  • 1x Chicco Physio Comfort Pacifier 0-6m

Chicco Natural Feeling Slow Flow Bottle 0m+ helps to make the transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding as smooth as possible for both you and your baby. With its innovative design, this bottle closely replicates a baby's natural feeding experience by mimicking the mother's breast. So, this makes it an ideal choice for mixed feeding, offering a seamless switch between breast and bottle. The bottle has an ergonomic design with a wide opening, making it extremely easy to clean, fill, and hold. As for the teat, it delivers a slow flow that makes it ideal for newborns. The angled design of the teat facilitates the natural feeding position. This unique design, along with the wide rounded base of the teat and the 100% soft silicone material, ensures an easy attachment and a familiar, comforting feel during feeding sessions. To top it all off, the bottle features double anti-colic valves integrated into the teat. These, along with the breast-like flow, help to decrease the intake of air during feeding, effectively reducing the risk of colic.

Chicco Natural Feeling Medium Flow Bottle 2m+ shares the same characteristics as the Slow Flow Bottle, but its angled teat delivers a medium flow, ideal for babies over two months.

Chicco Physio Comfort Pacifier 0-6m helps provide a soothing, yet functional experience for your baby. Ergonomically shaped, the pacifier offers only 4 points of contact on your baby's face, resulting in less friction against the skin. The clever design also leaves ample room for the nose and chin, making it easier for the baby to breathe freely. Moreover, the teat's position helps to maintain maximum space around it. This placement ensures that there is enough room for the correct movement of the baby's lips. In addition, the teat is crafted from silicone, a hygienic and non-deformable material. This is enhanced with an exclusive Soft Sense finish that gives the teat a soft, velvety texture. The teat features the PhysioForma thin and angled shape, with small ridges. All of these guide the tongue to the correct position. This aids in maintaining an open airway, supports natural breathing, and promotes the correct development of the mouth.