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ISDIN Bexident Gums Treatment Mouthwash 500ml

ISDIN Bexident Gums Treatment Mouthwash is a mouthwash care that reduces inflammation and soothes discomfort through a gengivitis acute crisis.

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ISDIN Bexident Gums Treatment Mouthwash - its ingredients help keeping the gums healthy and the adhesive capacity provides long lasting action. This is an emergency treatment for acute crisis of gengivitis and to prevent infection. Gengivitis can lead to inflammation and even periodontitis, which is a chronic condition, which means that a careful treatment of a gengivitis crisis is required for a prevention of further problems. Using this line will reduce inflammation and sooth irritation, as well as prevent the plaque formation that usually leads to this problem. Its formula is based on the properties of 0,2% clorhexidine and the complementary action of the excipient which reduces the adhension of bacterial plaque. Can be used by patients undergoing radiotherapy to prevent further problems.


ISDIN Bexident Gums Treatment Mouthwash has the following characteristics:. 

  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • With anti-plate and antiseptic action, since bacterial biofilms and dental plaque are the main causes of gengivitis. Thanks to Perioplus Treatment Tech the film formation is inhibited and plaque doesn't form.
  • Reduces inflammation and bleeding of damaged gums thanks to alantoine and dexpanthenol.
  • The bioadhesive film ensures a prolonged treatment that doesn't require frequent reapplication
  • Non-alcoholic formula
  • Clinically proven

How to use

Pour a 15 ml dose of ISDIN Bexident Gums Treatment Mouthwash, up to the marked line, into the cup provided. Without diluting, rinse mouth with the mouthwash for 30 to 60 seconds, 2-3 times a day. Do not rinse after use. Do not swallow. 

Use for a maximum of two weeks, since longer treatments will stain the teeth due to the presence of chlorhexidine.

For maintenance, please check the Bexident Gums blue line

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