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ISDIN Bexident Aftas Mouthwash 120ml

ISDIN Bexident Aftas Mouthwash helps to heal and relieve the pain from mouth sores that are difficult to reach.

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ISDIN Bexident Aftas Mouthwash is suitable for various mouth wounds and complements the rest of the Bexident Aftas range. It helps in cases of multiple mouth sores, for example, canker sores, recurring aphthous stomatitis, blistering or traumatic ulcers caused by orthodontic treatments or dentures. This product benefits from the  Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech patent has 5 actions for fast pain relief: it creates a film that protects the wound, that relieves the pain, protects from external agents, hydrates the damaged tissues and has a fast and long-lasting effect on pain. 


ISDIN Bexident Aftas Mouthwash has the following characteristics:

  • It is indicated for mouth ulcers, canker sores, aphthous stomatitis, blistering or traumatic ulcers, small oral wounds;
  • This product can be applied whenever necessary for children an adults;
  • This mouthwash relieves the pain, helps to heal and protects the wound;
  • Formulated without parabens, alcohol and gluten;
  • It contains Advanced Hyalurofilm Tech which is a patent with hyaluronic acid, that helps to relieve pain and protect the wound, and Suprapein, that has an anti-bacterial action that helps to protect the wound from external agents.

How to use

Apply 10ml of ISDIN Bexident Aftas Mouthwash 3 to 4 times a day, without diluting in water and rinse the whole mouth for at least 1 minute, do not swallow and do not rinse with water after.

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