Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper & File
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Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper & File


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Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper & File offers the opportunity for anyone to be able to cut and file baby fingernails and toenails in a practical, safe and effective way.


Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper & File consists of a set of precise and safe essential products for baby's manicure. Namely, this set consists of a nail clipper and a file that provides safe, gentle care for baby fingers and toes. In turn, this set has a perfect bluish mint color to brighten up not only the task of cutting but also filing the nails of the little ones! Furthermore, with safety in mind, this nail clipper and file are gentle on tiny fingers and toes. Namely, the nail clipper is specially designed to cut babies’ delicate nails without pulling or tearing. Its large handle provides control and comfort while trimming nails. On the other hand, the soft grit nail file shapes and smooths delicate nail edges to prevent scratching. Thus, babies' nails are effectively cared for, not only ensuring greater hygiene but also safety for them. Finally, this set of products is highly portable, allowing the baby's caregiver to take these utensils with them wherever they go.

  • Good for: cutting and filing baby's fingernails and toenails in a practical and safe way;
  • Presentation: one nail clipper and one file.
How to use

Hold baby's palm and finger steady with one hand while trimming and filing with Tweezerman Baby Nail Clipper & File. As for the nail clippers, place the baby’s nail in the opening, making sure only the nail is near the blades. Gently press down the handle to trim. Finally, use the nail file to gently smooth rough nails. In the end, clean blades with alcohol or peroxide after each use.