Suavinex Milk & Balance Breast Pads
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Suavinex Milk & Balance Breast Pads

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Suavinex Milk & Balance Breast Pads collects breast milk losses throughout the day making the breastfeeding mother more comfortable.


Suavinex Milk & Balance Breast Pads provides enormous help to the breastfeeding mother. In this sense, these discs have a high absorption, perfect to be placed on women's nipples. This provides greater comfort in everyday life for breast milk leakages such as when feeding your baby. That is, it is normal when the baby suckles from one breast, the other lets out a few drops of milk. In this way, with these discs you are always protected, you do not get stains on your clothes and gain extra comfort.

These discs have maximum security as they are reinforced with four layers. At the same time, these discs prevent nipple cracking, irritation and dryness. This is because they collect milk losses without leaving the breast moist and maintaining the skin's natural balance. Furthermore, they are extra-thin and imperceptible under clothing. On the other hand, they have an adhesive strip that is effortlessly fixed to the skin so that it does not slip under clothing.

Regarding the material of these discs, they are made from cellulose from sustainable forests. Moreover, its dermatologically tested fabric takes care of the delicate skin of the breast without hurting or irritating it. Its powerful absorbent interior also ensures that the sometimes intense smell of milk is neutralised. Finally, these discs are disposable and individually separated so you can always carry a set with you in your bag. In this way, you are guaranteed to be always prepared and as comfortable as possible.

  • Good for: collect breastmilk losses throughout the day;
  • Presentation: individually wrapped absorbent cellulose discs.
How to use

To use Suavinex Milk & Balance Breast Pads just remove the adhesive tape and position them in the area of ​​your nipple. Change the pads frequently throughout the day to ensure your skin stays dry.