Suavinex Baby Scissors +0m x1
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Suavinex Baby Scissors +0m x1

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When you buy Suavinex Baby Scissors +0m x1 you will get one (1) unit that will be randomly chosen from the colors and/or patterns available. Currently, we're unable to let you choose your favorite option.


Suavinex Baby Scissors +0m x1 provides essential help with baby or newborn nails from zero months of age. In this sense, both for the baby's comfort and safety, it is essential that you regularly cut their nails. This is because the baby has no sense or sensitivity in their hands, which can easily make them scratch their skin. Thus, these small scissors help to eliminate possible sharp edges on the nails while cutting them in length. The size of the blades and their rounded tips guarantee extra security while also being extremely delicate while cutting baby's nails.

  • Good for: safely clipping baby's nails;
  • Presentation: small scissors in a randomly chosen color with rounded tips and delicate blades.
How to use

Before using Suavinex Baby Scissors +0m x1, firmly grasp your baby's fingers. Start by cutting the length of the nails and then the sharp edges on the sides.