Sesderma Celulex Gel 200ml x2
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Sesderma Celulex Gel 200ml x2


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Sesderma Celulex Gel is recommended for the cosmetic treatment of cellulite and localized fat in men and women. Its formula has active ingredients that favor lymphatic drainage, restructuring and toning of the tissues. It works on three levels to fight cellulite and localized fat: the circulation, the connective tissue and the fat tissue. Its components have a draining action, and lipolytic and restorative activities, which improve the restructuring of the tissue, increasing its elasticity and flexibility. This tissue repair is also benefited from ingredients that facilitate removal of accumulated fluids and toxins, besides being capable of enhancing the biosynthesis of the collagen.


Sesderma Celulex Gel has the following characteristics:

  • Ivy extract (Hedera helix) is beneficial to blood circulation and to facilitate lymphatic drainage and venous return.
  • Centella asiatica stimulates collagen and of elastin fibers production, helping to repair damaged tissue.
  • Carnitine and caffeine act in adipose tissue, facilitating the degradation of the accumulated fat.
  • Seaweed extract stimulates cell metabolism and the regeneration of the tissue, promoting the elimination of retained fluids and toxins.
How to use

Sesderma Celulex Gel should be applied daily, in moderate amounts, on the areas you want to treat. The utilization must be made with the aid of a rubber applicator, in bottom-up circular massages, until the product has been completely absorbed by the skin. The treatment has a minimum duration of four months. For better results, the application must be made twice a day, morning and eveing, and the skin should be covered with a plastic film.