Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 10g
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Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 10g

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Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 10g delivers strong hold, instant volume, and root lift with a matte finish for textured styles.


Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 10g is an essential styling tool for those seeking to achieve textured, voluminous hairstyles. This powder is specially formulated to provide strong hold and remarkable lift at the roots, making it an ideal choice for short to medium-length hair. Its lightweight texture ensures that it delivers powerful results without weighing down hair, particularly benefiting those with finer or medium-density hair. This powder is dispensed through a shaker, which allows for precise and controlled application. This method helps to distribute the product evenly at the roots, where it maximizes volume and texture. The powder's mattifying properties also ensure that your hairstyle remains free of unwanted shine, promoting a chic, natural look.

What makes this product stand out is its level 3 strong hold capability, which means it can maintain your desired style throughout the day while still allowing for flexibility if you decide to restyle. This makes it not only perfect for everyday looks but also for more creative hairstyles such as braids and updos, where extra grip is beneficial. Moreover, this product is perfect for on-the-go styling needs. Its small and portable packaging fits easily into a handbag or travel kit, making it convenient for touch-ups throughout the day or while traveling. In summary, this product serves as a multi-functional styling product that offers strong hold, volume, and root elevation. It enhances texture and fullness without the shine, providing a durable yet flexible hold that adapts to your styling needs.

  • Texture: powder;
  • Hair issues: styling;
  • Time of application: as necessary, during styling;
  • Hair type: all hair types;
  • Main benefits: provides a strong hold, delivers instant volume and root lift, offers a natural, matte look, enhances the texture of the hair;
  • Formulated without: ingredients of animal origin.
How to use

Shake Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 10g gently before use. Apply on dry hair, working the product in with your fingers. Apply to roots for root-lift and to lengths for volume, and to add extra grip for braids, and updos, and to keep pins in place.