Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller
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Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller


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Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller stimulates blood flow and improves absorption of skincare formulas through a relaxing massage.


Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller is a facial tool that you can easily introduce into your skincare routine to wake up your complexion and redefine contours. On one hand, this product is perfect to improve the absorption of serums or masks. Simultaneously, through upwards motions, the Revolution Roller also helps to stimulate blood flow. Lastly, this specific version is made from Rose Quartz, an ancient stone that is used traditionally for its calming and soothing benefits.

Introduce this unique product into your daily caring ritual and enjoy a relaxing and invigorating massage that results in better-looking skin.

  • Helps to wake up the skin and redefine contours;
  • Stimulates blood flow through upwards motions;
  • Improves the absorption of serums and masks;
  • Rose Quartz has famous soothing and calming benefits;
  • This is a vegan item, approved by PETA as a Cruelty Free product.
How to use

Use Revolution Skincare Rose Quartz Facial Roller after cleansing and applying a few drops of facial oil, serum or moisturizer to your skin. Then, gently move the roller across the face, moving outwards from your nose. You can also utilize it on your neck and chin with upwards motions.