Philips Avent Nipple Shield x2
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Philips Avent Nipple Shield x2

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Philips Avent Nipple Shield x2 promotes a seamless and pain-free feeding experience, addressing nipple issues or latch-on challenges.


Philips Avent Nipple Shield x2 aims to simplify your breastfeeding journey while optimizing comfort and ease for both mom and baby. These shields offer a versatile solution for multiple needs. First, these are indicated for moms struggling with sore, sensitive, cracked nipples or nipple pain. Second, it addresses latch-on difficulties. For mothers dealing with flat or inverted nipples and babies struggling with weak sucking techniques or oral anomalies, these shields give an ideal shape for latching on. Lastly, it helps overcome milk supply difficulties, especially if you are experiencing an oversupply or if your baby lacks the strength to regulate sucking. For that purpose, these shields have three holes in the tip to help manage the rate of breastmilk flow. This enables your baby to drink at their own pace and cope with milk flow.

Another key point of these shields is the ultra-thin, butterfly-shaped design, specifically crafted for maximum skin-to-skin contact. The design allows not just the baby’s nose but also the chin to touch the breast. This helps your baby to smell your natural scent and feel your skin, enhancing the bonding experience while breastfeeding. As a last note, these shields are easy to clean. In conclusion, these shields offer the support you need to extend the duration of breastfeeding comfortably.

  • Good for: minimizing discomfort of sore, sensitive, cracked nipples or nipple pain, promoting latch-on, and controlling milk flow;
  • Presentation: two BPA-free silicone nipple shields and one hygienic carrying case.
How to use

Before usage, clean and disinfect Philips Avent Nipple Shield x2. To apply the shields, place drinking-quality water or breast milk on the skin-facing side of the brim to help the shield stick to the skin. Then, hold the shield at the base of the nipple area and press the nipple cavity partially inside out, so that it becomes halfway inverted. Rotate the shield so that the baby can have the nose and chin in contact with your breast skin. Center the shield over your nipple and slightly stretch the wings of the shield as you stick the product onto your breast.