Payot Face Moving Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller
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Payot Face Moving Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller


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Payot Face Moving Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller provides a relaxing moment that results in more defined contours and smooth skin.


Payot Face Moving Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller helps to firm and sculpt your face. Used in traditional Chinese medicine, the facial roller is an accessory that will change your skincare game! In this way, this ritual provides a draining and stimulating massage. 

On one hand, this tool has a double tip, one smooth and one raised. Thus, it offers a complete action of sculpting, stimulating, and firming the skin to sublimate your face. On the other hand, the roller's material has its own benefits. The Payot facial roller is made from Pink Quartz, a renowned crystal for its soothing properties and linked to the heart chakra and symbol of love. Besides,  this facial tool also contributes to better absorption of skincare products through a pleasant massage.

In conclusion, this tool helps to lift and tone the complexion, therefore improving the skin's appearance. At the same time, it relaxes the muscles and smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

  • Good for: all skin types, draining and sculpting the face, enhancing the absorption of skincare products;
  • Presentation: facial roller with two tips, one smooth and one raised, made from pink quartz.
How to use

Apply Payot Face Moving Sculpting Facial Quartz Roller on clean skin after applying a serum or oil. Use for one to five minutes using different massages for different goals. To sculpt the face, use the smooth tip of the roller and massage it outwards and upwards. Start at the neck, face contour, cheeks, under eyes, brow arches, and forehead. Repeat five times on each side. For a smoothing effect, use the textured part and work in small vertical and horizontal movements, back and forth, on the cheeks and the forehead. Lastly, for a draining action, use the smooth part and move from the temple to the collarbone, following the face contours. Repeat five times on each side.