Medela Nipple Formers x2
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Medela Nipple Formers x2


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Medela Nipple Formers x2 provide greater comfort for the nursing mother and baby by helping to form inverted or flat nipples.


Medela Nipple Formers x2 provide a great help to women with inverted or flat nipples. In this sense, it is perfectly common to have women in the pre-lactating stage with this type of nipple. When the time finally comes, they can easily become sorer because they are not so shaped for the baby to suckle. Thus, these formers act to form the nipples and prepare them for breastfeeding. This not only helps the baby to grip the breast comfortably, but it also creates more comfort for the mother. Specifically, you can start using these formers from 32 weeks of pregnancy so when your baby is born your nipples are ready for their first feeds.

Regarding the composition of these BPA-free formers, they have a soft, skin-friendly silicone membrane. It fits snugly to the nipple with gentle pressure to make it stand out. At the same time, they have holes that allow air to circulate and the skin is not cracked or damaged during the formation of the nipples. On the other hand, this concave design is optimized to create a snug and comfortable fit given the shape of the breast. Furthermore, this makes the formers unobtrusive and can be worn under clothing without being visible. All in all, these nipple formers help to ease breastfeeding thus providing greater comfort for both mother and baby.

  • Good for: forming the flat or inverted nipple, making it suitable for breastfeeding and the baby's comfortable sucking of breast milk;
  • Presentation: soft silicone former.
How to use

Before handling Medela Nipple Formers x2, wash your hands well. First, snugly fit the silicone membrane around the outer shell. Once assembled, place the nipple former inside the bra, with the opening of the membrane centered over the nipple. The ventilation holes must face upwards. While using the nipple formers, some breast milk may be collected in the outer shell. Don't give it to your baby. Simply discard it when cleaning the outer shell.

You must disinfect the nipple formers before using them for the first time and once a day thereafter. Just separate the pieces and place them in a small pot filled with cold water and boil for about five minutes. Alternatively, you can use a Medela microwave disinfection bag.