Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields x2
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Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields x2

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Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields x2 protect the nipples providing a more comfortable and pleasurable breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby.


Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields x2 is a protection for the nipples in breastfeeding situations. Namely, these silicone protections are important in three different cases. First, when the mother has sore or cracked nipples from constant breastfeeding. Then, in cases where there are flat or inverted nipples. Finally, if the baby has some problems with regards to nipple attachment, which makes it impossible for him to properly drink breast milk. In any of these situations, these protections make the entire breastfeeding process easier, more practical, and more comfortable for both mother and baby.

Regarding their composition, these BPA-free protectors are made of ultra-thin and soft transparent silicone. Thus, they are just as comfortable for the mother to apply on her breasts as they are for the baby's mouth. Furthermore, its shape maximizes the skin-to-skin contact between the two. Furthermore, its holes in the tip allow the baby to ingest the right amount of milk properly. Finally, this kit comes with a yellow plastic box so you can carry your nipple protection wherever you go. So you will always be protected and can also enjoy breastfeeding wherever you are. All in all, this silicone nipple helps any mother and baby to have a more pleasurable, comfortable, and suitable breastfeeding experience for both.

  • Good for: protect the mother's nipple in cases of sore or cracked, inverted or flat nipple, or even in cases where the baby has difficulty in making the correct breast attachment;
  • Presentation: large size BPA-free transparent silicone nipple.
How to use

Before handling Medela Contact™ Nipple Shields x2 you must wash your hands. Then, grab the silicone nipple wings and place them in the right place. Moistening the silicone nipple with fresh water will help it to set. Furthermore, Medela silicone nipples come in three sizes so you can find the best fit for your nipple type.