Libenar Nasal Aspirator Soft + Refills x5
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Libenar Nasal Aspirator Soft + Refills x5


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Libenar Nasal Aspirator Soft + Refills x5 ensures maximum comfort for babies by removing excess nasal secretions from their nose.


Libenar Nasal Aspirator Soft + Refills x5 becomes a true ally when it comes to the maximum comfort of newborns and babies. In this sense, this product consists of a very practical and hygienic nasal aspirator. Its main function is to remove excess nasal secretions from the little ones, as they are not yet able to blow their nose on their own. In this sense, babies are not only able to sleep and eat much more comfortably, but also prevent ear infections.

This handheld device has an extremely flexible and thin tip suitable for smaller nostrils. In turn, it is also an alternative for babies who are uncomfortable with other nasal aspirators. Moreover, this aspirator has a disposable filter inside that stores all the extracted nasal secretions. In this case, when it is changed after each use, infections are prevented again. In short, this whole hygienic BPA-free nasal aspirator becomes very practical, easy to use and even to clean, always maintaining the maximum comfort of the little ones.

  • Good for: removing excess nasal secretions in babies allowing them to eat and sleep more comfortably;
  • Presentation: a nasal aspirator with a flexible and soft tip and 5 disposable and hygienic filters.
How to use

To use Libenar Nasal Aspirator Soft + Refills x5 mount a disposable filter inside. Then lay the baby on his back and place the soft tip of the aspirator in the baby's nostril and the suction nozzle in your mouth. Gently aspirate through the mouthpiece to eliminate secretions and repeat in the other nostril. At the end, open the aspirator and throw away the used filter. Wash the aspirator with hot water before first use and every time you clean your baby's nostrils.