invisibobble Sprunchie Original Purrfection x1
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invisibobble Sprunchie Original Purrfection x1


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invisibobble Sprunchie Original Purrfection x1 combines a spiral hair tie with a stylish scrunchie, featuring superior comfort and hold.


invisibobble Sprunchie Original Purrfection x1 is an innovative hair accessory that combines the classic appeal of a scrunchie with the practical functionality of a spiral hair tie. At the core of this product is the revolutionary Hairlovetech™ technology with the spiral hidden inside. This technology provides a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, with no pain! Indeed, these hair ties ensure that while it firmly holds the hair in place, it does so avoiding hair damage and pain. Therefore, you can confidently tackle your activities without worrying about your hair falling out of place. Moreover, even after prolonged wear, your hair remains free from marks, making the transition from an updo to letting your hair down seamless and effortless.

In addition, the incorporation of a soft fabric adds another layer of care, ensuring that the hair tie glides smoothly over hair strands, further reducing the risk of breakage and tangling. It ensures a comfortable hold throughout the day, making it a perfect companion for everyday use. Even though excellent functionality is at the core of this accessory, it also has fashion in mind. With its striking leopard print design, it's the ultimate fashion accessory that surely will match your outfits. Whether for casual or formal occasions it's surely a must-have in your haircare arsenal. In short, the spiral technology and soft fabric help protect the hair without compromising performance. All in all, this hair tie respects the integrity of your hair while delivering on its promise of a stylish, secure hold. Suitable for all hair types and styles, it offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

  • Good for: all hair types, creating comfortable hairstyles without marking or tangling your hair;
  • Presentation: one SPRUNCHIE with leopard print.
How to use

Use invisibobble Sprunchie Original Purrfection x1 on your hair to hold your hair and create a stylish hairstyle. Additionally, wear it on the write for a fashionable look.