invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Slim Bow
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invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Slim Bow

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invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Slim Bow is an extra small multicolored hair tie with a bow attached for children.


invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Slim Bow is an extra small spiral hair tie for children. Designed with a smooth surface, the invisibobble does not pull the hair or create knots! It is also a practical and hygienic alternative to classic hair ties since it is easily cleaned and does not absorb any water. Furthermore, its durability meets the restlessness of children. It is therefore suitable for running, jumping and playing everywhere! In short, this adorable hair tie provides a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, making it perfect for cheerful and active kids!

  • Good for: hold your hair in a fun and stylish hairstyle without leaving any kinks in your hair;
  • Presentation: multicolored tie with a bow attached.
How to use

Use invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Slim Bow to style the child's hair like you would use any classic hair tie. If you find that the invisibobble has stretched with use, simply put it out in the sun, on top of a heater, or in hot water. The heat will cause the material to contract.