invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Disney Ariel x1
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invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Disney Ariel x1


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invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Disney Ariel x1 combines a strong, comfortable hold and a magical Disney-inspired design.


invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Disney Ariel x1 is an exciting and innovative addition to the world of hair accessories, specially tailored for kids. This unique product seamlessly combines the enchantment of Disney with the cutting-edge design of invisibobble, offering a magical twist to everyday styling. At the core of this product is the revolutionary Hairlovetech™ technology with the spiral hidden inside. This technology ensures a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, with no pain! Indeed, these hair ties ensure that while it firmly holds the hair in place, it does so avoiding hair damage and pain.

In addition, the incorporation of a soft fabric adds another layer of care, ensuring that the hair tie glides smoothly over hair strands, further reducing the risk of breakage and tangling. The strong grip of the spirals also guarantees that hairstyles remain perfectly in place through various activities, whether during a lively day at school or fun-filled afternoons on the playground. As a style icon, it features a charming Ariel theme that celebrates the beloved Disney princess. It is both a functional hair care product and a stylish accessory. The design captures the essence of this character, bringing a touch of magic and fantasy to everyday hair styling. The playful and colorful Ariel-themed sprunchie captures children's hearts, making it a favorite accessory for any hairstyle. This colorful design enhances the daily hair-styling routine, turning it into a delightful and whimsical experience.

In summary, this hair accessory represents a blend of innovative technology, playful design, and the captivating charm of Disney. Its Ariel-inspired design not only appeals to young enthusiasts but also makes styling hair an enjoyable and magical adventure.

  • Good for: all hair types, creating comfortable hairstyles without marking or tangling your hair;
  • Presentation: one green invisibobble® KIDS SPRUNCHIE.
How to use

Use invisibobble Kids Sprunchie Disney Ariel x1 on the hair to hold it and create a stylish hairstyle.