Gillette Venus 3 Dragonfruit Disposable Razors x3
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Gillette Venus 3 Dragonfruit Disposable Razors x3


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Gillette Venus 3 Dragonfruit Disposable Razors x3 offers a practical, effective and safe way to remove hair from any part of the body. Also, its dragonfruit fragrance will make this task more pleasurable!


Gillette Venus 3 Dragonfruit Disposable Razors x3 offers a set of three disposable razors perfect for any occasion. Specifically, each of these razors has a soft color as well as a dragonfruit fragrance to make this whole process more fun and enjoyable. Plus, your skin will thank you for this fresh tropical fragrance!

Namely, each of these razors lowers the chance of cuts by having three thin blades for greater accuracy. In turn, it includes a protective Microfins® that activates when it comes into contact with water, allowing for an easier and more practical epilation with a fluid and sliding movement. Besides that, containing a Soft Elastomer Grip®, this razor becomes very ergonomic allowing a much more practical and safe grip. This way, it is guaranteed that this razor will not jump out of your hands! Thanks to this, you will be able to remove unwanted body hair without much effort. Finally, the razors' disposable nature means you won't need to change them. In other words, once these wear out, simply discard them.

  • Contains: three razors;
  • Razors per blade head: three;
  • Blade head features: three thin blades, lubrication strip with Microfins®, dragonfruit fragrance;
  • Handle features: ergonomic, Soft Elastomer Grip®;
  • Disposable.
How to use

Use the Gillette Venus 3 Dragonfruit Disposable Razors x3 on specific body areas like your armpits or legs. Make sure the skin is clean and smooth the blade over it, performing slow yet confident strokes. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows in. Finally, as these are disposable razors, there's no need to clean the blades..