Gillette Simply Venus 2 Basic Disposable Razors x4
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Gillette Simply Venus 2 Basic Disposable Razors x4


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Gillette Simply Venus 2 Basic Disposable Razors add precision and comfort to women's body shaving thanks to an enriching lubrication strip for smooth, simple glides!


Gillette Simply Venus 2 Basic Disposable Razors offer unprecedented precision while removing body hair for an extra pleasant shaving experience. Suitable for women, each razor of this special pack has two thin blades as well as a nourishing and deeply hydrating lubrication strip. Thus, the shaving process is as smooth as possible, preserving simplicity. Meanwhile, a pear-shaped handle allows for safe handling and an exquisite degree of control at all times. In addition, this bundle is ideal for traveling purposes as there is no need to change blades. Simply use and discard them once you notice the lubrication strip's vibrant color starts to fade out. All in all, the blades will wear out, leading to a duller shaving experience. Finally, if your skin is dry/sensitive, feel free to apply a nice layer of one of Gillette's Venus Satin Care shave gels beforehand.

  • Contains: four razors;
  • Razors per blade head: two;
  • Blade head features: thin twin blades, lubrication strip;
  • Handle features: pear-shaped handle;
  • Disposable.
How to use

Use the Gillette Simply Venus 2 Basic Disposable Razors on specific body areas like your armpits or legs. Make sure the skin is clean and smooth the blade over it, performing slow yet confident strokes. Always shave in the direction that the hair grows in. Finally, as these are disposable razors, there's no need to clean the blades.

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