Gillette Body Replacement Razor Blades x2
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Gillette Body Replacement Razor Blades x2


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Gillette Body Replacement Razor Blades feature Powerglide® Technology, floating over the skin as well as lubricating deeply for star-quality results when moving through tricky areas!


Gillette Body Replacement Razor Blades combine a round-shaped head with the efficiency of Powerglide® blades and extra lubrication. In fact, thanks to a pivoting head that is slightly tipped forward, each stroke allows for complete body control, especially when facing difficult spots. Meanwhile, floating blade technology moves effortlessly along thicker hair, promoting quicker as well as painless results. Furthermore, a trio of comforting lubricating strips confers optimal smoothness regardless of how uneven the skin's surface is. If attached to the razor's anti-slip rubber handle these refills ensure exquisite control. Therefore, feel free to use these during or after a relaxing shower/bath, resorting to your preferred shaving gel, in turn avoiding unnecessary damage. Ideally, perform gentle yet confident strokes for long-lasting as well as appealing results!

  • Contains: two refills;
  • Razors per blade head: three;
  • Blade head features:
  • Blade head features: lubrication strips, floating Powerglide® blades, rounded/pivoting head;
  • Compatible with: Gillette Body Razor handles;
How to use

Before using the Gillette Body Replacement Razor Blades soak the skin in warm water by showering or taking a bath for a few minutes. Then, apply your favorite shaving gel and move the sharp razor in light yet confident strokes. Do so all over your body, being careful around tricky spots, or target specific areas instead. After shaving, pat your skin dry and smooth a moisturizing cream. Switch the blades when you notice the lubrastrip's color begins to fade or when the razor strokes become dull.