Flormar Mono Eyeshadow
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Flormar Mono Eyeshadow

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Flormar Mono Eyeshadow is a product with a super-bright finish and an extra-shine to it. Discover the numerous colors this range provides and start creating your best makeup looks.


Flormar Mono Eyeshadow delivers a shiny and bright finish that will surely make your eyes captivate all of the attention. This eyeshadow has Shiny Esters in its formula, a component that enhances shine and color, providing therefore an extra glowy result. Hence, when applying the Mono Eyeshadow, the shade will look more lively than ever on your skin. However, the best part is that this product comes in a range of countless colors, which means you will be able to easily introduce it to any style you wish to create. From natural everyday looks to a statement bold eye, the Flormar Mono Eyeshadow will fit them all and quickly become your new go-to. Furthermore, the Flormar Mono Eyeshadow is super easy to apply. Made from Micronized Powders and Pigments, the formula glides effortlessly through your eyelid ensuring a homogenous result every time. In addition to that, with this eyeshadow, your makeup will be perfect all day long. In fact, this product does not crease and stays smooth and in place for hours long. With a medium to high color payoff, the Mono Eyeshadow by Flormar can be applied with an eyeshadow brush or an applicator.

  • Color payoff: medium to high;
  • Finish: shiny;
  • Texture: pressed powder;
  • Good for: all skin types, a lively shiny finish and bright result, an easy and equally homogenous application;
  • Presentation: compact powder in a black minimal plastic packaging.
Main Ingredients
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  • Ester is an ingredient that boosts brightness and shine, adding an extra lively effect to the final result.
How to use

Use Flormar Mono Eyeshadow directly on your eyelids with an eyeshadow applicator or brush. Apply and blend in order to achieve the desired look. This eyeshadow is meant for dry usage only.