Flormar Eyebrow Pencil
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Flormar Eyebrow Pencil

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Flormar Eyebrow Pencil helps you to easily define and fill in your eyebrows thanks to its creamy and nourishing texture.


Flormar Eyebrow Pencil will help you achieve beautifully defined eyebrows in a quick and easy step. First of all, this pencil has a soft and creamy texture, therefore gliding effortlessly on the skin while delivering an intense color in each line you draw. This happens thanks to the presence of Palm Oil in its composition, a vegetable oil that protects the intensity of color and provides a silky consistency. Furthermore, the vegetable oils in the formula also moisturize the skin and shield it from early signs of aging. In this way, this pencil effectively colors the brows with its intense color pigments while still providing a natural result. Equally important, it offers a long-lasting result so your look stays flawless all day long.

In addition to that, this pencil is also extremely easy and practical to use. In fact, besides having a precise pencil tip with a soft creamy texture, it comes with an inbuilt brush that you can use to shape your brows. Start by defining and filling in the gaps with the colorful tip until you have achieved the desired look. Then comb your brows with the brush to achieve a homogenous look. All in all, this product is ideal to give color and define the brows in the most natural way possible. 

  • Color payoff: intense;
  • Texture: pencil;
  • Good for: define and fill in the brows;
  • Presentation: sharpenable pencil with an inbuilt brush on the lid.
Main Ingredients
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  • Palm Oil is a natural ingredient that adds creaminess to the formula delivering an effortless application and an intense color at the same time.
How to use

Start by combing your hair upwards with the inbuilt brush. Apply Flormar Eyebrow Pencil defining and filling in your eyebrows in order to achieve the desired look. Then, comb your brows again, blending in any possible concentrated pigment, so you can get a natural result.