Embryolisse Brow Volumizing Mascara
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Embryolisse Brow Volumizing Mascara

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Embryolisse Brow Volumizing Mascara provides a beauty and skin care action to your eyebrows. This way you get perfect eyebrows with an ultra-natural, long-lasting finish at the same time as an extra moisturizing, strengthening and protective care.


Embryolisse Brow Volumizing Mascara is an eyebrow mascara capable of strengthening the hair, thickening it and drawing a perfect eyebrow shape. In this way, this mascara works as a two-in-one product as it thickens, fills out and shapes eyebrows for an enhanced look and even takes care of your hair. It is therefore a perfect ally for thin and sparse eyebrows as it adds volume, moisturizes and strengthens them. In addition, this mascara is smudge-proof, precise and provides an ultra-natural, long-lasting finish. Regarding its composition, it contains 92% of ingredients of natural origin that provide you with an intense look while caring, densifying and strengthening your hair. In particular, this product contains glycerin, a moisturizing component that leaves hair healthier than ever. In short, if you need a solution to give an up to your makeup look and at the same time you want to take care of your hair, this product is essential in your kit.

  • Texture: creamy;
  • Good for: strengthen, thicken and shape the eyebrows, all skin types;
  • Presentation: tube with brush applicator;
  • Formulated without: fragrance.
Main Ingredients
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  • Glycerin is a natural moisturizer already present in our skin. It has the ability to hydrate the hair, leaving it repaired and protected.
How to use

To use Embryolisse Brow Volumizing Mascara, wipe the brush on the rim of the tube to apply the right amount of the product on the eyebrows. Apply the mascara using the brush in an upward motion from the head to the tail of the eyebrow following its natural shape.