Dr. Ceuracle Cryo Cooler Tool
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Dr. Ceuracle Cryo Cooler Tool

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Dr. Ceuracle Cryo Cooler Tool uses the power of cryotherapy to provide a rapid soothing effect to hot, irritated, and red skin.


Dr. Ceuracle Cryo Cooler Tool is a tool designed to provide rapid relief to hot, irritated, and red skin. Sometimes, the skin becomes uncomfortable and irritated due to many causes, including environmental effects from the sun and elevated temperatures, as well as procedures such as lasers or peels. So, this device uses the power of cryotherapy to deliver an immediate cooling sensation to distressed skin that helps to refresh and soothe it. Its large cooling plate is made out of Duralumin, a material that retains the cool temperature for up to 3 hours. Beyond this, the tool boasts an easy-grip handle, ensuring a comfortable application process. This tool is versatile enough to be applied to delicate facial skin or any other body area. Moreover, it can be paired effectively with sheet masks or reparative and soothing creams, helping to enhance their effects. In essence, this cooler helps to provide a quick and long-lasting cooling sensation that helps to soothe the skin. Add it to your skincare arsenal to ensure your skin gets refreshed whenever you need it!

  • Good for: refreshing the skin, cooling and soothing red, irritated, and hot skin;
  • Presentation: metallic tool with a 75mm diameter Duralumin cooling plate and a handle.
How to use

Before using, keep Dr. Ceuracle Cryo Cooler Tool in the freezer for at least three hours. Wipe the cooling plate with a clean, soft cloth and wait one to two minutes before applying it to the skin. Then, gently massage the skin of the face and/or body, pressing the cooling plate onto clean skin or over a soothing or repairing cream or face mask. Make sure to not stay over the same area for a long time, and not exceed 20 minutes per use. Finally, wash the tool under running water and wipe it with a dry cloth before storing it.