Corine de Farme Physiological Saline Solution 5ml x30
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Corine de Farme Physiological Saline Solution 5ml x30 is a practical solution for cleansing the baby's nose and eyes, in single-use sterile doses.


This promotional pack contains the following products:

  • 1 box of Corine de Farme Physiological Saline Solution 5ml x30 (24 + 6 free)

Corine de Farme Physiological Saline Solution 5ml x30 is an essential product that meets the diverse hygiene needs of your baby. This saline solution, consisting of 0.9% sodium chloride, comes in sterile, single-use doses that ensure practical and safe use. For example, saline solution is a great option to cleanse your baby’s nasal passages and to aid in the hygiene of their eyes. So, this solution helps to clear the baby's nose by moisturizing the nasal mucosa, thereby easing secretions. This supports the baby's overall comfort and well-being. Furthermore, it can also be used to clean the eyelids and the area around the baby's eyes.

The sterile nature of each dose means that every use is as safe and clean as the first, providing peace of mind in maintaining the health and comfort of the youngest members of the family. Additionally, it also aids in convenience. In fact, the tubes' compact size makes them perfect for carrying around, allowing parents to maintain their baby’s nasal and eye hygiene wherever necessary. All in all, this product embodies a blend of convenience, safety, and efficacy, making it an essential part of the baby's care kit. It is a great option for parents seeking reliable and hygienic solutions for their infant's needs.

  • Good for: cleaning areas such as the nose and eyes;
  • Presentation: one box with 30 single dose tubes, each containing 5 ml of saline solution.
How to use

Before opening the tube of Corine de Farme Physiological Saline Solution 5ml x30, wash your hands. Open the tube by turning the cap. Use the solution to clean the child's nose, around the eyes and/or the eyelids. Do not reuse any remaining solution, each tube should be used only once to preserve the sterile characteristics of the product.

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