Chicco Absorbent Breast Pads
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Chicco Absorbent Breast Pads

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Chicco Absorbent Breast Pads help to keep the skin of the breasts dry, preventing irritation and clothing stains.


Chicco Absorbent Breast Pads is a practical solution that offers lactating mothers both peace of mind and comfort. Milk leakage is a frequent issue for many nursing mothers, and breast pads serve as an effective way to keep both the skin and the clothes dry.

So, thanks to its ultra-absorbent layer, these pads are able to provide leak protection, effectively absorbing any leaking milk. Therefore, they keep the skin dry, while also acting as a protective shield for the clothing. This helps to avoid any uncomfortable milk stains and wet spots. Moreover, they provide a soft barrier between sensitive nipples and the bra, helping to reduce friction and supporting the skin's recovery between feeding sessions. A soft, breathable fabric stays in contact with the skin, making the pads both delicate and comfortable to wear. And, a unique antibacterial fabric is also integrated into the pads' multi-layered structure. So, this ensures proper breast hygiene and helps prevent irritation or infections. Moreover, for your ultimate comfort, the pads feature a thin and naturally contoured design along with adhesive strips that keep the pads securely in place, making them easy to wear, discreet, and invisible under clothing.

These pads are suitable for use during the day and the night. Additionally, they come individually packaged, making them easy to use on the go. All in all, these absorbent breast pads help you feel dry, comfortable, and secure. offering you the freedom to go about your day without worry.

  • Good for: keeping the skin of the breasts dry, avoiding staining the clothes, preventing irritation of the nipples;
  • Presentation: individually wrapped pads.
How to use

Unwrap the Chicco Absorbent Breast Pads. Place the breast pad centered over the nipple. Remove the tape and stick the pad to the bra cup. Change the pads regularly, and replace them when wet.