Braun Mini Precision Trimmer FG 1106
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Braun Mini Precision Trimmer FG 1106


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Braun Mini Precision Trimmer FG 1106 allows you to trim and style your eyebrows with precision and on the go.


Braun Mini Precision Trimmer FG 1106 is a compact hair removal device perfect for shaping and trimming eyebrows. The device features a slim, ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and maneuver around delicate areas. Moreover, it comes with a trimming comb which attaches easily and trims hair to a precise and uniform length. Additionally, it has a high-precision head that removes even the finest hairs with ease. On top of that, it works especially well when designing your eyebrows and creating defined lines. The blade is made from stainless steel, which ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Finally, it comes with a protective cap that covers the blade when not in use, ensuring safe storage and transport. In the end, this is a portable and reliable tool for touching up with precision.

  • Good for: hair removal, shaping eyebrows;
  • Skin type: all skin types;
  • Main benefits: trims, styles or shapes your eyebrows;
  • Time of application: whenever necessary;
  • Power source: AAA batteries;
  • This pack contains*: Mini Precision Trimmer FG1106, high precision head, protective cap, trimming comb (5 mm), AAA Battery.

*Subject to change according to brand.

How to use

Make sure the Braun Mini Precision Trimmer FG 1106 is clean and dry before using it. Firstly, choose the trimming comb that best suits your needs, and attach it to the device by sliding it onto the trimmer head. Then, turn on the device by pushing the on/off switch and place the device in the area where you want to trim and move it gently against the direction of hair growth. Use short strokes to trim the hair, and make sure to keep the skin taut with your free hand. Finally, after use, turn off the device, remove the trimming comb, and clean any hairs that may have accumulated on the device and the trimming comb. Replace the protective cap over the blade and store the device in a safe and dry place.