Medela Milk Collection Shells x2
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Medela Milk Collection Shells x2

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Medela Milk Collection Shells x2 provides great comfort to breastfeeding women in the sense that they retain momentary loss of breast milk.


Medela Milk Collection Shells x2 provides greater comfort to mothers as they breastfeed their children. In this sense, it is normal while the baby is taking one breast for the other to lose some breast milk. At the same time, throughout the day it is also perfectly normal for a woman to lose some milk between breastfeedings. In this sense, these shells collect small drops of breast milk, thus providing greater comfort. Furthermore, they also avoid wet stains on clothing.

Regarding the composition of these BPA-free shells, they are made with soft and comfortable silicone for the delicate skin of the breast. By adapting easily to the breast, they provide enormous comfort to the mother. In addition, they have a practical opening to easily empty the milk. In this case, it is only important to empty the shells for two to three hours so as not to leave the skin moist and perhaps sensitized. Finally, their shape allows for discreet use as they are not visible under clothing. All in all, these shell-shaped cups flexibly adapt to the breasts to ensure greater comfort with regard to the momentary loss of breast milk.

  • Good for: retain and collect breast milk losses during the day or even during breastfeeding;
  • Presentation: BPA-free flexible silicone shells.
How to use

Before handling Medela Milk Collection Shells x2 you need to assemble the two pieces. Place the silicone membrane over the outer shell by pressing all the way around. Once assembled, place the milk container inside the bra, with the opening of the membrane centered over the nipple. The practical opening should be faced up. In this sense, it is recommended to wear a nursing bra as these tend to be a little roomier than a typical bra.

Before using the collectors for the first time, they must be disinfected. Separate the pieces and place them in a small pot filled with water and boil the water for five minutes with the milk collectors inside. Alternatively, you can use the Medela microwave disinfection bag.