Mádara City CC Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream
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Mádara City CC Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream

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Mádara City CC Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream hydrates and nourishes extensively while also correcting localized imperfections.


Mádara City CC Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream hydrates and nourishes deeply while also correcting localized imperfections for an even, flawless skin tone. This groundbreaking medium beige cream leaves you feeling beautiful and extra confident. Not only that but due to the protective barrier it builds, your complexion will respond effectively to environmental threats. Plus, the slight color of the product covers blemishes, aging, or fatigue signs in a natural way. In other words, it beautifies without artificial components and ensures a feather-like finish, maximizing comfort. Furthermore, thanks to the organic SPF15 you'll remain free from solar damage, dryness, redness, and a plethora of related issues. Instead, with each application, you'll reach a new level of radiant, healthy skin. In turn, puffiness, as well as dark spots are reduced, safeguarding skin's microbiome.

Wave goodbye to clogged pores and heal inflamed complexions effortlessly witnessing an endless list of qualities. All in all, allow natural beauty to shine through and fortify your skincare ritual by using this anti-pollution CC cream on a daily basis, before heading out the door. Like all of Mádara's product ranges, it's clinically approved preserving, at the same time, transparency, sustainability, and ethical values. In fact, the brand goes to great lengths to extract natural resources consciously. Lastly, Hyaluronic Acid joins forces with the Oak-Aox antipollution complex for magnificent antiaging results. Basically, these propel collagen formation and add volume to the skin, refilling fine lines/wrinkles.

  • Coverage: medium to high;
  • Texture: cream;
  • Skin issues: dullness, uneven complexion, dryness, dehydration, environmental aggressions, premature skin aging, sun exposure, fatigue signs, dark spots and circles;
  • Time of application: daily, in the morning;
  • Age: 20+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive;
  • Main benefits: evens out the complexion, correct localized imperfections, keep the skin comfortable and hydrated throughout the day, offers antioxidant benefits, provides SPF15, clinically approved, cruelty-free, shields your skin from external threats, protects skin microbiome;
  • Formulated without: gluten, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances, ingredients of animal origin.
Main Ingredients
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  • Hyaluronic Acid acts on several fronts and attracts moisture from the air for the ultimate moisturizing effect. Thus, it shields your skin from harmful free radicals as well as all sorts of urban aggressions. It helps keep smoothness and minimizes daily stress;
  • Zinc Oxide reflects solar rays like a mirror. Without penetrating your complexion, it gives effortless broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and has solid safety evidence;
  • Oak-Aox Antipollution Complex concentrates powerful antioxidant properties and protects the skin from environmental pollution. In addition, contributes to the prevention of pigmentation, dark spots, aging signs, loss of firmness, and volume;
  • Last but not least, Glycerin moisturizes deeply, being a natural source of endless benefits. From improving skin's resiliency to enabling the penetration of other ingredients and reducing irritation, it takes center stage as an indispensable element in skincare.
How to use

Apply Mádara City CC Hyaluronic Anti-Pollution CC Cream by itself or after using your preferred moisturizer/ serum. Squeeze a tiny portion of the cream out onto your fingers and smooth it over strategic facial spots. Pay special attention to your forehead, cheekbones, nose, and chin. Dosage the application as you wish. Stop once you feel your skin tone is even and all imperfections are taken care of.