L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator
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L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator

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L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator provides a radiant glow to the skin while gently caring, hydrating and protecting it.


L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator is a liquid illuminator to give your skin a natural glow. In turn, this product can either be applied under your favorite foundation or just on the high points of the face for localized lighting. Furthermore, this fluid texture adapts perfectly to all skin types without leaving it sticky or greasy throughout the day. In turn, your entire face gets a very natural radiant highlight that will catch everyone's attention. At the same time, its formula ends up hydrating and protecting your skin as it is enriched with properties such as Dimethicone, Glycerin and Panthenol. The latter specifically has anti-inflammatory and skin protecting abilities perfect for protecting the skin from daily external aggressors. Finally, your skin not only gains a radiant glow but is also perfectly cared for.

  • Color payoff: intense;
  • Finish: dewy;
  • Texture: liquid;
  • Good for: illuminating the skin, highlighting the highest points of the face;
  • Presentation: tube.
Main Ingredients
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  • Dimethicone helps to form a skin-protective film;
  • Glycerin helps keep the skin hydrated and also shielded from external aggressors;
  • Panthenol promotes skin hydration and increases the penetration of other ingredients. It has, equally, a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.
How to use

Apply a small amount of L.A. Girl Luminous Glow Skin Illuminator all over the face before your foundation or just on the high points of the face you want to highlight.