Flormar Mood Booster Illuminator
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Flormar Mood Booster Illuminator

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Flormar Mood Booster Illuminator provides a luminous glow to the complexion with a long-lasting effect.


Flormar Mood Booster Illuminator is the perfect highlighter to make your skin glow! This liquid illuminator offers a sparkling result, providing a luminous complexion all day long. Even more, it can be used in different ways. On one hand, you can apply this highlighter alone to illuminate the cheekbones, the nose, the chin, or other desired areas. On the other hand, you can mix it with the foundation to achieve an overall glowing complexion. Very versatile, this highlighter is surely perfect to wear for any makeup look, whether for daily wear, special occasions, day or night makeup looks. In other words, you can create more natural or more intense results, depending on the quantity you apply.

In addition, this product has a doe-foot applicator that turns its application both easy and practical. With its liquid and light texture, it blends easily to provide you with a natural result. In particular, this illuminator is available in different shades and each of them gives your complexion a truly amazing glow! All in all, this liquid highlighter always promises a glowing complexion. It will surely become your new favorite makeup product and indispensable in your makeup look. So, if you're looking to achieve a luminous glow, make sure you add this dazzling highlighter to your makeup collection and boost your mood and your makeup look! 

  • Finish: shimmery;
  • Texture: liquid;
  • Good for: illuminating the skin, highlighting the highest points of the face;
  • Longevity: long-lasting;
  • Presentation: tube with a doe-foot applicator.
How to use

Apply Flormar Mood Booster Illuminator using the doe-foot applicator to the areas you want to highlight such as the cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead, or brow arch, and blend it in using your fingers, brush or sponge. Alternatively, mix the highlighter with your foundation and apply it to the entire face for an all-over glow.